Possessive yandere x male reader

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Possessive yandere x male reader

Annoyed and ostracized, she blamed her lack of social life thanks to her boyfriend being too controlling. On one hand, ecstasy filled her mind when all of her effort dedicated into attending college preparatory classes had finally paid off; yet, deep down inside her heart, anxiety grew inside her system since she had absolutely no idea how her boyfriend would react to the news regarding her leaving the country to study somewhere else.

Nonetheless, the backstroke swimmer flashed her a gentle smile. Shall we? However, just like any other relationship, it would only end in two ways: either she tied the knot with her boyfriend, or she broke up with him in the end.

What have I done? Am I not good enough? Did I not love you hard enough? You have been prying into my life a lot lately, and I feel uncomfortable with it, to be honest; I had given you chances to change, but you never did. As your girlfriend, I wish both of us could give each other mutual trust, personal space, and time for ourselves. I can provide everything for you.

Only I can give you love as well as the happiness you deserve! You should open your eyes and think about what you have done to put me off. You cannot stop me from making friends or who I want to see, heck! My life is mine to control, not yours! I … we are through. I have laid out my heart bare for you. I made sure the bullies who spread rumors about you learn their lesson; I ensured that the pervert who tried to molest you in the school corridor 5 months earlier would never lay a hand on you again!

How could you, Makoto? Just as hope was within her reach, a large hand clasped over her mouth, preventing the struggling girl from screaming. Oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya oya? You are all so so so beautiful.

possessive yandere x male reader

Your body is perfect.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

ASMR Possessive Dog Boy Yandere Roleplay

Throw in a request! I'm desperate! Whilst hunting down past Overwatch members Reaper overhears a conversation between yourself and Jack Morrison. You explain that your feelings for Gabriel are never going to change, no matter what he does as Reaper. Do you also yearn for characters that have contributed to your unrealistic expectations in others?

Me too, come on in. Most will be arbitrary scenarios, some will be multiple parts it really depends when inspo strikes me. Have a request? Drop it in the comments and maybe I'll write it. Reader, or Tracer x Male! Reader, unless it is a platonic one-shot.

You are a combat medic working for Overwatch, when a mission goes south and you cross paths with Talon mercenary Reaper. But will he kill you on the spot or is there more to this encounter? All reader inserts are female pronoun unless otherwise noted in chapter tags. You're Reaper's "personal assistant". No one has to know what happens behind closed doors, though.

In a world full of Betas, Omegas were always on the rise for getting the very best from society. An illegal organization like Overwatch was no different. With the population of the team being mostly Omegas and Alphas, the number of Betas was very slim and this showed just how cruel society was to those less fortunate to have sex embedded in their very DNA.

The result of these cruelties had made you hate Omegas and Alphas to the point of ignoring each one you meet. This all seems to take a turn for the worst when a mission gone wrong makes you turn into the very thing you hate most. Name grew up with Gabriel in Las Angels. He and him were as thick as thieves, high school sweethearts, and husbands.You think Chisaki is Ace? Write him as ace!

You think a character would be brutal or too soft with certain actions like punishments or kissing? Then write it! So take risks! And take writing breaks, writers block hits and hits hard when you spread yourself too thin like I tend to do!

Originally posted by deathbylaziness. Posts Ask me anything, honey bun! Submit a post Archive.

possessive yandere x male reader

Anonymous asked: Any tips for writing yanderes? I have a big crush on lucas Baker from resident evil 7, pls send in some requests, Originally posted by deathbylaziness.

Anonymous asked: With the whole cowboy yanderes thing I'm really thinking about Agent Tequila from Kingsman the golden circle and woo boy I'm getting hot. If he were one I'd be over the moon. Thanks for this idea btw. Anytime anon!

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Anonymous asked: are you a yandere. Nope, I turn fictional characters into yanderes and write about them A yandere who tortures rivals to death while space jam plays in the background.

Charlotte is over the moon! She lessens her grip on you and is less possessive, but still keeps a eye on her honey Since her darlin is so submissive, she allows her special privileges, like using knifes when cooking, being able to explore the ranch while supervised, and, the ultimate privilege, her own pistol.

It is a pea-shooter, but it is still enough to do damage if aimed properly. Charlotte would even do little tests, she would let you go into town while one of her women watched, if you tried to escape or tried anything funny, you would be back at square one and locked into her home. Once she deems you as submissive and trust worthy, she steals a pretty ring and dress for you and holds a priest at gunpoint.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You both enjoy a nice southern wedding. She builds a crib from scratch and makes some wooden toys, and then continues to just borrow a baby she finds.

I have fallen in love with hotline miami, help.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

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You moved to Iwatobi a little over a year ago and you are currently in your final year of school. You sat at the back of the classroom next to a boy named Makoto, who you developed a friendship with. He even managed to convince you to join the swim club, although you hardly ever got in the water.

You mostly just sat with Gou and admired the boys. Unknowingly to Makoto you only agreed to join the swim team because of a certain cute, dark haired boy, named Haruka.

Those gorgeous, ocean blue eyes just drew you straight to him. Unfortunately for you Haruka had hardly ever said a word to you, so you had given up hope that you two would ever get together, but you could always dream, right? He handed you an invitation. You looked down at the invitation. You looked up to see Nagisa stepping in front of Haru before he had a chance to jump into the pool. He looked very annoyed at this, but took the invitation from Nagisa. As soon as Nagisa stepped to the side Haru jumped into the pool, taking the invitation with him.

You smiled at this, he was so obsessed with that pool. You kind of wished he would be that obsessed with you instead. You sighed dreamily imagining Haru being by your side holding you, and never wanting to let you go.

You blushed and shook your head, too embarrassed to tell her. No one knew about your crush on Haru, and you wanted to keep it that way. Nagisa had a wide grin on his face as his cake was placed in front of him.

possessive yandere x male reader

He picked up the knife ready to cut the cake. Your face heated up and you quickly looked around the room, realising you were indeed the closes girl to Nagisa. Gou was at the other end of the table, standing next to Makoto. You giggled nervously, secretly hoping he did not touch the bottom. But you were not stupid, you knew he would probably do it on purpose. Unfortunately you were right. Before you had a chance to react Nagisa had pressed his lips directly on yours.

As quickly as he had kissed you, Nagisa was being pulled off you and thrown to the fall. He fell harshly onto his backside. In front of him stood Haru. He was breathing heavily glaring down at him, with his hands curled into fists. Haru turned away from Nagisa, who was too shocked to move up off the floor. He grabbed you by the arm awfully hard, and dragged you behind him towards the door. But he ignored him and took you with him. He stopped walking and turned to you.

He reached behind your head and gripped you hair in his hand pulling it harshly down, forcing your head to look up at him. His lips pressed against yours roughly, causing you to gasp in surprise. You heart was beating hard and fast in your chest.Mongolia: I am a very bad person.

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I am a very, very bad person. I am a horrible person. Ever since you had met him, Francis had been enamored with you. You had thought that he had a pointless crush, that soon he would get over it and realize that you were just a friend.

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Nevertheless he persisted after you, slowly pushing himself into your life. Now he was outside your door, you trying your best to stop him from breaking in. Francis gasped, clutching his chest.


France stood above you, closing the door behind him. As he started walking towards you, you started crawling further away from him. You let out a scream as he threw himself on top of you and held you down. Crying, you tried to push him off of you. You struggled, trying to throw his weight off of you. Pinning you to the ground, he stared intently at you.

I hope you like it! Out of curiosity, out of admiration, out of wowness. Freedom would be give in small amounts, until she could fully trust him not to run away. I fix all of my problems through marriage.

They could catch a disease or become overly stressed with patients. He draws the line when they speak of moving up to an army doctor. A few demonstrations of what happens in the army should scare them off.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

possessive yandere x male reader

Chapter 1 2. The start Shifty x shy masochist reader 5. Before you read! Lifty x shy reader 7. Handy x chubby reader 8. Disco Bear x Innocent reader 9. Genderbent Flaky x reader Splendid x chubby reader.

What she doesn't realize is that you already have one, he had to go out of town for work. Once You announce that she's shocked and so is a curtain male. Scratch that his furious, you belong to him no one else he he'll be sure you know that. You are MINE! You are just a worker at a maid cafe, you are hosting a birthday party for you best friend, everyone shows up and your friend makes a wish that she wants you to have a boyfriend.

What she doesn't realise is that you already have one, he had to go out of town for work. Once Yu announce that she's shocked and so is a curtain male. Summary sucked I know basically this is a bunch of yandere or dark HTF oneshots so please give this ago! Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

Comments: 11 Kudos: Bookmarks: 4 Hits: Chapter 1. Chapter Text You are just a worker at a maid cafe, you are hosting a birthday party for you best friend, everyone shows up and your friend makes a wish that she wants you to have a boyfriend. Post Comment Note: All fields are required.Contains kidnapping, suggestion of cruel human experimentation and bondage. If you're into that, enjoy! I attempted to make this applicable and enjoyable for both genders.

Or all genders, to be politically correct. You awoke to a ringing of bells. A sharp, sour sound that should have been sweet and gentle. That's not right, you figured. Perhaps it was a child giggling. Yes, it must have been this. An innocent, high pitch that lingered in the ears, bouncing, echoing, burning into your memory.

That wasn't quite right either. Not a child. A man.

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A psychotic man he must have been, to have been able to emit such a sound. You couldn't see him, however. To test your vision, you attempted to move your hand in front of your face. You couldn't, however. Your body was stiff, as if you were wrapped tightly by cords that snaked around your form in the darkness, tightening sinisterly around each and every corner and curve of your body.

The venom these snakes secreted was fear, the kind of fear that seeped into your skin and veins, heightening your strength and will but dulling common sense, giving you all the desire in the world to move while, at the same time, holding you firmly in place. Your faint cry was drowned out by the laughter, the only thing to penetrate the darkness enveloping you.

Please, get me out of here! The giggling halted. You heard, as faintly as a whisper, the light and gentle swishing of fabric on fabric. Then footsteps. Tap, tap, pitter, patter, the pleasant yet eerie sound of dress shoes on wood moving tauntingly slowly closer to your location.

The sound of a long fingernail teasingly rapping against wood drifted to your ears.

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Now get me out, please! Where am I?? Whatever you were in. Yet, still, your efforts were useless. You could hardly even bend your arms at all. You found that, not only did your container prohibit you from moving freely, but your body was fatigued.

You felt as though you had sacks of birdshot tied to your limbs at every joint. Then, a sliding noise drifted to your ears.


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